Stop our pensions funding climate & nature breakdown

If you're working you’re almost certainly paying into a pension. Which means your money is being invested in companies - including fossil fuels companies. 

You should have a say about where your money goes - and ensure this is aligned with your values. 

But currently, for most of us, we have limited choice in which companies our pensions are being invested. It shouldn't be this way. 

We want to see all pension providers tackle climate change, and align with the goals of the UN targets to stop the climate crisis. By doing so, your pension will be building a climate-proofed world, without you having to change providers. 

Our money can change everything. 

Pension providers should be using their power - the power given to them through our savings - to engage with companies, pushing them to align their business model with the goals of the UN's Paris Climate Agreement. Where companies fail to listen, pension providers should divest from that company. 

Add your name to the call for Paris-aligned pensions!


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