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We are growing our network of dedicated campaigners outside the UK to challenge more corporate giants on the issues that matter. Would you like to use your voice to hold the world's largest companies to account? 

Why AGM Activism? 

From the climate crisis to inequality, the challenges we face are immense. The largest companies, who often fuel these crises, rely on our investments (like pensions) to keep going. You can use your voice to demand progress. AGM activism empowers you to hold companies accountable for a fairer, greener, and healthier world.  

What is an AGM? 

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the moment when a company’s board, directors and shareholders convene to make decisions about that company’s future. With just one share, you can attend an AGM and directly challenge decision-makers on crucial topics such as climate change, workforce issues, and public health. 

How You Can Make a Difference 

  • Sign Up Now: Register your interest to be an AGM Activist for campaigns this year and beyond. 
  • Select Your Issues: Choose the social and environmental issues that resonate with you most. 
  • Choose Your Country: Let us know where you are based – we're particularly seeking activists from Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Finland, France, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Luxembourg, Australia, and the United States but if you are based elsewhere, we would still love to hear from you! 
  • Do you own shares in any of the companies listed? While not essential, we’re particularly hoping to find individuals who hold shares registered in the relevant country as this makes it easier to access the AGM. 

Still not sure?   

Get in touch with [email protected] to ask about anything AGM activism. We’re happy to answer any questions and will provide 1-2-1 support throughout the process of asking an AGM question.  

Which companies do you want to challenge this AGM Season?   

Not all companies have announced the date of their AGM yet – where this is the case, we have indicated the month in which we expect the AGM to take place. 

What topics would you like to challenge the biggest companies on? (select one or more) 

In what format would you like to attend an AGM?  

Is there a specific company (or companies) whose AGM you’d like to go and ask a question at (see company list below)? 

Do you own shares in any of the companies below where you are based? Let us know which ones 

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Non-UK AGMs 2024

Climate Change

Air Liquide – Paris, France – 30 April  

LyondellBasell – Amsterdam, Netherlands – May  

Yara International – Oslo, Norway – 7 May  

EMS Chemie – Domat/Ems, Switzerland – August 

Health Issues

Nestle – tbc, Switzerland – 18 April  

Coca-Cola Company – Online, USA – April 

Kellanova/WK Kellogg Co – Online, USA – April 

PepsiCo – Online, USA – May 

Kraft Heinz – Online, USA – May 

Mondelez International – Online, USA – May 

General Mills – Online, USA – September 


Living Wage

JustEat – Amsterdam, Netherlands – May 

B&M European Value Retail – Luxembourg, Luxembourg – July  

Fossil Fuel Financing

BBVA – Bilbao, Spain – 15 March 

Nordea – Helsinki, Finland – 21 March 

CaixaBank – Valencia, Spain – 22 March 

Santander – Madrid, Spain – Late March 

UniCredit – Milan, Italy – 12 April  

ING Bank – Amsterdam, Netherlands – 22 April  

Intesa Sanpaolo – Torino, Italy – 24 April  

UBS – Basel, Switzerland – 24 April 

BNP Paribas – Paris, France – 14 May 

Deutsche Bank – Online, Germany – 16 May 

Credit Agricole – tbc, France – 22 May 

Societe Generale – Paris, France – 22 May 


Air Quality

Skanska – Stockholm, Sweden – 27 March  

CRH – Dublin, Ireland – 25 April 

Amazon – Online, USA – May 

Rio Tinto – Brisbane, Australia – 2 May  

Deutsche Post – Bonn, Germany – 3 May 

Heidelberg Materials – Heidelberg, Germany – 16 May 

Freeport-McMoran – Online, USA – June 

BHP – tbc, Australia – November 


Corteva – Online, USA – April 

Covestro – Online, Germany – 17 April 

FMC Corporation – Online, USA – 30 April 

BASF – Mannheim, Germany – 25 April  

Bayer – Online, Germany – 26 April  

Lanxess – Online, Germany – 24 May 

Evonik – Online, Germany – 4 June