Deliveroo - pay your workers enough to live on


Deliveroo is the most protested platform in the world. Hundreds of protests and strikes have targeted the company’s history of poverty pay and poor working conditions.

Workers have to cover their own expenses, and face an opaque algorithm that calculates pay. Fluctuating work availability and over-hiring leads to highly volatile incomes, sometimes as little as £2 an hour.

Riders also miss out on common employment rights like holiday pay and pension contributions. 

Deliveroo just announced a partnership agreement with the GMB union to calm worker protest. But the deal leaves workers’ main problems unsolved.

With soaring bills affecting us all, it’s more important than ever that gig economy workers are paid a living wage.

ShareAction and the IWGB union, that represents Deliveroo riders, have teamed up to demand the company engages with workers on the real concerns affecting their livelihoods.

To the Deliveroo board of directors:

"We the undersigned call on Deliveroo to raise riders pay, and engage with worker representatives on the true range of issues they face."

In partnership with The Independent Workers’ union of Great Britain

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