Today, Shell's shareholders have a big chance to tell new CEO, Ben van Beurden, exactly what they think about Shell's risky Arctic drilling plans. BlackRock is the single biggest shareholder in Shell - it has a huge influence, and could lead the way persuading Shell to retreat from the Arctic for good .

Sign the petition below and tell Laurence Fink, Black Rock’s CEO, to use his power and stop Shell's Arctic plans.

To: Laurence Fink, CEO, BlackRock

Shell’s plans to drill for oil in the US Arctic Ocean are very risky: the impact of a major spill in the Arctic will be devastating to a fragile region, and continue to reduce our chances of curbing climate change.

Shell has had to back away from drilling three years in a row following various problems including safety equipment failing tests, US government criticism, and a recent court judgement.

As the single largest shareholder in Shell, please call on the company to abandon its plans for the US Arctic drilling.